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Shared Charters for Oahu - Charter half-a-boat!


You want to go fishing "so badly" but, there is only one, two or three of you and you don't want to charter a whole boat. Well, Hawaii Fishing Charters has an option for small groups of 1, 2, or 3 persons: Two small groups on board make a whole boat and were going fishing!

There are three shared charters: each charter of two groups will include a free extra hour of fishing!

  • half-day shared charter, $375 per group.
  • 3/4- day shared charter, $450 per group.
  • full-day shared charter, $525 per group.
  • Hawaii Fishing Charters will attempt to join you up with another group of one, two or three persons. But, there are some basic rules:
    (1) each group will be considered as one angler and both groups will alternate their turns according to strikes;
    (2) any fish caught will be shared equally between the groups aboard our boat;
    (3) if a large fish, such as a marlin is hooked, all persons aboard may participate as one team;
    (4) for smaller gamefish requiring only one angler, each group will alternate their turns in an orderly manner; and
    (5) each group will be expected to display goodwill, good sportsmanship and good humor. The last being the most important!

    500lb Pacific Blue Marlin, June, 2011

    Let's Go Fishing!

    Departing at 6:30am, the charter will return at about 12:00 pm or 2:00 pm. An afternoon half-day charter can also be scheduled, during the summer months.

    Groups will bring their own snacks/lunches and refreshments (soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.) and the "luck".

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    Click here for Half-day Shared Fishing Charter (1-3 persons per group) at $375 per group, plus taxes.

    Click here for 3/4-day Shared Fishing Charter (1-3 persons per group) at $450 per group, plus taxes.

    Click here for Full-day Shared Fishing Charter (1-3 persons per group) at $525 per group, plus taxes.

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    A credit card is required to confirm your reservation. Upon confirmation, there will be a $250 deposit charged to your card, with the balance to be charged 7 days before the day of your charter. If you cancel or rebook 24 hours prior to day of service, there will be no charges. If you do not show on the day of service, your card will be charged 50% of the full amount of the confirmed reservation.
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    Upon receipt of your reservation request, Hawai'i Fishing Charters will email a confirmation and check-in instructions. Mahalo nui loa..


    For more Let's Go Fishing information, click here for email inquiry. To make a reservation, click here. Or, text 808-208-2512. (c) Copyright 2005, Webconsole.net